Our Mission & Vision:

Creative Play Preschool believes that education should be an empowering process that allows and guides our students to develop their passions, critical thinking, and compassion. Creative Play Preschool is a unique, alternative hands on learning center that is noteworthy not only because it is authentically and intellectually stimulating, but because it conveys a respect for the interests, rights, needs, and capacities of each child. One of the most important responsibilities we have at Creative Play Preschool is to help build each child’s self-esteem. Building self esteem means providing each child with both “roots and wings”: the roots that provide them with a sense of belonging and security, and wings that encourage them to venture into the world independently, with confidence, curiosity and with a strong sense of self.


Creative Play Learning Center is located at 2624 54th St South in Gulfport, Florida


Morning Program
Arrival: 8:30am
Departure: 12:15pm
Extended Day Program
Arrival: 8:30am
Departure: 2:00pm