A little bit about myself and my program…

I have dedicated my life to working with children and adults for more than 28 years and I have a back ground in specialize in alternative youth education.

I believe that education should be an empowering process that allows and guides us to develop our passions, critical thinking, and compassion. During the course of my professional career I had the opportunity to create a unique alternative learning program for young children. Creating a learning environment that is noteworthy. Not only because it is authentically and intellectually stimulating, but because it conveys a respect for the interest, rights, needs, and capacities of the children.

When I started Creative Play Preschool 10 years ago I set out to create a program that challenges the way we’re educating our young children, cultivating creativity and acknowledging multiple types of intelligence by emphasizing on individual learning styles and approaches to learning. Creative Play Preschool is a program that focuses on personalized learning of the children and their special interest – creating conditions where kids’ natural talents can flourish