Ms. Courtney

Courtney Kearney McLaughlin is joining us as a DIRFloortime® Training Leader consultant from The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning or ICDL.Com. Courtney is excited to have the opportunity to support the parents at Creative Play Preschool. With an early educational focus in Psychology, Infant/Child Development, and Applied Behavior Analysis, she later began training with Dr. Stanley Greenspan and the DIRFloortime® Model in 2001, becoming a DIRFloortime® Expert Training Leader in 2010.  Courtney also has extensive training in Neurodevelopment and was a grant recipient for the Infant Mental Health Fellowship conducted by the prestigious Harris Institute for Early Childhood/Infant Mental Health at the Center for Early Intervention at Florida State University, earning the “Infant Mental Health Fellow” title after graduating in 2012. She has worked with children diagnosed with Autism and disorders of regulation and communication for 23 years as a therapist, supervisor, parent trainer, and clinical director of staff training. These multiple roles and professional “hats” directly influenced her passion for bridging the gaps between educational models, and helping caregivers understand each child’s unique developmental profile, which allows you to feel confident that your daily interactions are providing the individually tailored support our children need to promote functional developmental growth; socially, emotionally, cognitively and behaviorally.

Courtney is very excited and honored to be a DIRFloortime® Training Leader consultant for Creative Play Preschool. A school, and community of educators that empowers families and supports a child’s strengths, individual differences, emotional development, and natural way of engaging in their environment.