I grew up in a big bustling city, surrounded by friends and neighbors from around the country and the globe. Bombay can be overwhelming to a lot of people but to me it is home. In college I met a little boy who would change the trajectory of my life. His parents had leprosy and made a living selling illicit alcohol. He was seven years old, angry and disruptive in the one room school my mother was teaching in. In desperation she asked me to see if I could take him under my wing. I soon discovered that he was very smart but could not hear a thing. The process of getting him tested, fitted with hearing aids and admitted into a school was all I needed to know that this is where my heart wanted to be. I also knew that I enjoyed teaching from my experience with the ” Mass program for functional Literacy” where I taught street kids and adults to do read and do some basic math. After college I completed a diploma in the education of the hearing Impaired and taught for a couple of years. Then I met Kabir, who was extremely intelligent, but whose language I could not advance. His parents were able to bring him to America and here he got the help he needed. Naheed, Kabir’s mother got in touch with me and encouraged me to get my masters in the USA. So, I did.

I got my masters at Smith College. I taught kindergarten, first and second grade for 13 wonderfully fulfilling years, in a self- contained hearing-impaired class room in Michigan. After I met my husband and we had our son I decided to take a break from teaching and focus on raising our son. Christopher is entering 2nd grade soon, but he still smiles every time we have bagels and cream cheese. He says, that it reminds him of snack time at ‘ Ms. Kya’s. This is why I am so grateful for the beautiful serendipity that brings me back to Creative Play preschool. I am excited about all the kids I will meet and learn from this year. I look with eager anticipation to continue to grow as a person and a teacher under the guidance of Kya along with the team here at Creative Play.